A Grandmother's Walk


The day I met Augusta the grandmother of Ann and Mercy, two sisters at Naomi’s Village in Kenya will be a day I will never forget. We spent a day and a half in a car traveling on a road that most would consider an amusement park ride in the states because of the rough terrain to get there. I was not prepared to see the struggle of her every day life that was a routine of survival. She was sweeping the dirt off of the dirt floor of her house that was made out of sticks and mud. As I walked into her home, to my surprise not one ounce of food or a drop of water to be found for miles around. The field that provided Augusta’s harvests was dry and had been for many years. We learned about her story of walking to Naomi’s Village because one of her grand daughters was very sick and on her deathbed. She had heard of this place of hope. The road she walked, took us a half a day to drive but this grandmother’s journey was a walk of faith. Augusta believed there was a place of healing for her grand kids. I wondered what she might of been thinking as she walked in the Sub-Sahara heat, exhaustion and the stress of knowing she might not get there in time. (I can do all things thorough him that strengthens me Philippians 4:13). Augusta believed in God’s power and never stopped walking (So that your faith might not rest on human wisdom. But on God’s power, 1 Corinthians 2:5.) It was God’s divine appointment for Ann and Mercy that day. They are now healthy and thriving at Naomi’s Village. God gives His divine power and grace for every situation but we have to be willing to receive it thorough faith. As Mother’s day approaches us let’s not take with a grain of salt the legacy of our mothers all around the world. A mother’s endless love, prayers and walk of faith are the influence for generations to come.

Happy Mother’s day Augusta from one mother to another

- Lana Adams