Annual Maai Mahiu Ministry Summit


First Annual Ministry Summit

The Maai Mahiu area in Kenya, Africa is one in which there is great need. Empower Dreams is familiar with the lack of useable water, the need for education and support for children, and the desperate conditions of the families living in IDP camps. We learnt there are other active non-profits working in the area and we wanted to meet with them. Thus, we coordinated the First Annual Maai Mahiu Ministry Summit.

The goals of this meeting were to meet with these ministries, hear their story, and understand their work in Kenya as well as hear their goals for the upcoming year. We discussed how each group could connect in order to strengthen their ministries and reach more people in need. Ideas were exchanged and best practices were examined.

It was found that the areas of commonality between our organizations and the needs they address include: water, farming, microfinance, construction, education and sponsoring students, street boys, prostitution, IDPs, and discipleship. Each organization found someone in another organization who could help them in areas of struggle and someone in each organization had information that was beneficial to someone else. The new partnerships made between these ministries will bring a significant and positive transformation to the area.

After the success of this summit, we have agreed to hold one again in May 2015. We hope that this annual summit will continue to be a great convergence of ideas and resources that work to heal and build up the people of this incredible nation.