Getting Water to the Rift Valley


Water in the Rift Valley

Our team on the ground in Africa sent us this message today. Water is on the heart and minds of everyone:

What a remarkable day in Kenya! God seemingly ordered every minute of it to be significant. We began our day with a tour of a water purification plant located in Naivasha. Obtaining water that is safe to drink is a challenge for many of the people living in the Rift Valley. Water is either too far away or is filled with life-threatening bacteria. A water purification plant could meet multiple needs at once, such as providing clean water at a short distance. The benefits of this plant would help the people in IDP camps as well as those at Cornerstone Academy, the new school that is being built for Naomi’s Village. With the help of a guide we visited each one of the remaining IDP camps in the area to better understand their situation. We discovered many important things that we did not previously recognize. This is imperative because we can now better plan to meet their needs directly. Finally, we had to say goodbye as we were leaving Naomi’s Village. We are continuing forward and are eager to see where we are lead next.