Meet Robert Kimball

Robert Kimball, in a few words, is a God serving family man. Before moving with his family to Kenya, Robert was a Structures Project Manager for Mario Sinacola Companies on the LBJ 635 Expressway project in Dallas, TX. Prior to that, he worked as an Assistant Project Manager for the water treatment group of Archer Western Texas. After many months of prayer, Robert and his wife Julia felt God leading them to leave their very comfortable American lifestyle with their two young children and move to Kenya. It is clear that the Kimball’s ears were open to hear God’s calling. Their first year in Kenya brought many changes, including a new baby girl! Currently he is the Construction Division Manager for Naomi’s Village and laying the foundation for the next steps of a broader vision in reaching the Mt. Longonot area of the Rift Valley by managing the construction of Cornerstone Preparatory Academy (CPA) and the associated water project.  

During our visit to Kenya, we interviewed Mr. Kimball and the Empower Dream’s film crew could feel his kindness and the power of his leadership. CPA’s construction is being done almost totally manually. This includes, for example, the mixing of concrete, the hand chiseling of every stone of the exterior walls, and the moving of materials within the site. Everything is done through wheelbarrows, buckets, and/or human power.

In Mr. Kimball’s own words, “Chief among the supporting initiatives to open and operate Cornerstone is our water project. For this valley, water is everything. Without this resource that is in such scarce supply, even this beautiful structure we have underway right now is not going to reach its full potential. These children are not going to reach their full potential without this one fundamental we would take for granted elsewhere. For that reason, the water is the most important element of developing this project.”

The water project starts on a plot of land called Flyover where Naomi’s Village is developing a water source inclusive of an 800 feet deep well, pump station with standby generator and associated pumping and electrical equipment, a 52,000 gallon ground storage tank, and site security fencing. Water will be pumped along a 5.5 mile pipeline to additional ground storage for use at Cornerstone. The scope of the water project, in terms of duration, is three months. The total project cost is in the range of $200,000.

‘’I get most excited about seeing this project come to completion. We feel like this project is something way bigger than any person. What we are doing is not just a daily chore or task, but it is actually carrying out the very nature of God. My hope is that this work would speak of God's intent and purpose for these kids. Just as He has designed and built this facility, we believe that He is designing and building an educational experience for these kids that will change their lives forever. And this will change the world as they grow into leaders of their nation and beyond.

These children, with their backgrounds, have a special perspective that needs to be heard; that needs to be shared with everyone who will hear. There is a redemptive story Christ is working in each of their lives and they will soon be able to speak in a very prolific way. I am thankful to get to serve in support of this community.”

- Robert Kimball

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