Blog: Update on Community Center


Initially, we released a case statement asking for funding for a community center for the people of Vumilia Village. During the visit to the village in May that idea was put on hold. Here is an update from one of our team members whom is working directly with the people of Vumilia:

During the previous trip in January, we successfully purchased and closed on a half-acre plot of land that is centrally located within the community. It had the potential for a variety of uses and thus came the idea for a community center. One of the objectives during our trip in May was to further investigate this idea with the people of Vumilia Village. Through our friend and business partner, Joseph Njuguna, a meeting with a group of representative people from the community was coordinated in May. At the meeting were 11 people from Vumilia, and the 4 members of our team from Texas.

Everyone in the meeting was allowed time to voice their thoughts and opinions. Early on, the theme of the meeting shifted towards business development and away from the community center. Most people communicated how we might continue or expand our efforts of the last three years, which have been focused on establishing business and commerce opportunities that would promote self-sufficiency in the village. A few ideas towards the Community Center idea were discussed, such as the need for a playground for the children, but most of the discussion was in line with business thoughts and ideas.

We will continue to explore the options available for the use of the land. If there is continued interest and need for a community center then we will seek ways in which we can provide that for the people. The desires of the community will be the determining factor. We will keep you informed of the decisions that are made. Once a use has been agreed

upon, we will release the information to our followers with a proper case statement. Thank you for you patience during this time and thank you for your continued support.