Reconciliation Outreach


Sponsoring Reconciliation Outreach

Reconciliation Outreach is a non-profit organization located in the heart of Dallas. They believe in showing grace to those in need in the inner city area. Through discipleship and reconciliation, Reconciliation Outreach seeks to inspire hope in the lives of the men, women, and children. They offer programs and activities for people of any age to show compassion and to transform lives.

Housing opportunities are provided for those living in poverty. An afterschool program and summer camp provide a safe place for children and teens to spend their time. “Crusade” provides inner city youth with a secure place to talk with people who care about them. Men and women have the opportunity to participate in a one-year residential rehabilitation program that helps them if they have struggled with addiction, criminal history, homelessness and more.

Empower Dreams considers their work valiant and honorable. We are proud sponsors of their organization. We are excited to support an organization that is passionate about sharing God’s love with people in need.

To learn more and to support Reconciliation Outreach, visit their website.