There's Water

Water has arrived at Cornerstone Preparatory Academy!

Thanks to you and the Lord, providing $185,000 to 100% fund the Cornerstone Preparatory Academy (CPA) water system, the system is complete and functional and now orphans, the children of Internally Displaced families, and the other poor of the area will now have water at their recently opened world class school.  This is the most sophisticated water system in this entire area of Kenya. 

This is a huge praise God accomplishment and CPA officially opened in a large ceremony on May 6th, 2016. 

Flyover Water Source Concept Images_Page_2

Above left is the 3D model of what we said would be built and above right is what exists today.

The Future:

An automated control system will be added to monitor the health of the water system and do things like leak detection and motor control.

The real volume of the well will be determined over the initial year of production. Currently Cornerstone is using 10,000 liters per day. The high quality pipe used is rated at 30 cubes per hour or almost, 720,000 liters per day.  This 720,000 liter per day pipeline capacity leaves the possibility open to develop other wells on top the mountain to provide even more water down to the Rift Valley that so desperately needs water.

For those interested, details on the entire water system follow.


This graphic shows the route of the over 5 1/2 miles of pipeline that drops over 2000 feet from the well site in the mountains to CPA in the valley below, in the shadow of Mount Longonot. 


The pipeline went under the road multiple times.


Where the pipeline had to encounter a small canyon.  Robert Kimball designed, had fabricated, got approved by local officials, and then installed the bridge below.  This bridge will have razor wire at both sides of the canyon  to protect it.


The picture above shows the power lines that provided a ‘bypass’ for the pipeline and saved a few kilometers of pipeline length.

In addition to everything you see in these pictures, Tinkoi and the team planted grass, spread fertilizer, and did all manor of things to hide the pipeline from vandalism.

This pipeline is a major accomplishment of engineering and dozens of successful negotiations with locally empowered people and villages.  This was tireless work done with unrelenting excellence.


The above pictures show the large storage tank located at CPA.  This tank exists to provide water to CPA for a couple days in case anything happens to the water system up the mountain from CPA.  The picture on the right shows the pipeline from the mountain entering the top of the tank.


The final system piece is the elevated storage tanks to provide great water pressure at CPA.  You can see the meticulous detail of the tower to ensure that it looks good enough to be in the middle of the amazingly beautiful CPA campus

In Conclusion:

Empower Dreams is humbled to be able to partner with you and CPA to make this Dream a reality for orphans, internally displaced people, and others in Kenya’s famous Rift Valley.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions about this project in which you so generously helped. or (214)695-9497.  We would love to talk to you.