A Visit with Project Asia


Just after the trip to Africa in May, Empower Dreams paid a visit to our partners from Project Asia. Project Asia is the name given by Empower Dreams to the work our partner is doing in Asia. This partner created and runs an intense discipleship program to identify and train those who want to become church leaders. Sharing specific details may put the safety of our partners at risk. They are doing the Lord’s work in the face of a non-Christian culture.

Our team went not only to support Project Asia but also to attend the annual event, An Evening with Friends. Believers and non-believers come together to share dinner, fellowship, and testimonies. This was the second year that Empower Dreams was in attendance. Over 350 people came to join in the celebrations with them.

In addition to this event,baptisms were held. These are massively important occasions to our partners and we are glad we were able to be there to support them.

We talked to the leader of this project to gain details about the training program. This training requires printed resources that contain necessary information. Our partner designed these in the form of three books. Empower dreams funded the printing of the second book and has committed to fund the third book. These are imperative to the work being done with Project Asia.

The team who went to Asia came back feeling humbled. They were amazed by how deeply these people feel and love God. They put their lives on the line daily in order to do His will and respond only with resounding joy. The students and trainers of this program expressed their immense gratitude at the willingness of Empower Dreams to come visit them.

The best we can do for them is to continue supporting them through prayer. Giving to these projects and supporting them financially is a tremendous help. So many seeds have been planted across the country and now we must help them to grow.