Children open doors in an entire region of Peru

“He said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.’”     –Mark 16:15

Empower Dreams has the privilege of working with missionaries around the world who meet the needs of the people they minister to. Whether it is helping to provide a school for orphans or clean drinking water in Kenya, helping to multiply the crop output of farmland in Zambia or raising up home church leaders in Asia, we strive to “preach the gospel to all creation” by meeting people in their need. In Peru each year, our audience is primarily children but the outreach goes much further than that.

Our ministry partner in Peru, Pastor Gabino, explained that the Peruvian children in Cusco and in the surrounding mountain villages receive no gifts all year so a small gift brings great joy. He stated that the Christmas program that Empower Dreams, along with Pastor Rich Ferguson and his Master’s Commission students, has been instrumental in opening doors into communities that have not heard the Gospel message. The gifts, hot chocolate, panetone and the gospel message that are lovingly distributed are having a significant impact on not only the children but to their families, as well. We are showing the love of Christ to all people and these wonderful children are helping to open the doors.

The 2015 Christmas Outreach in Peru was our largest ever. In total, we were able to hold 13 outreaches reaching a total of 2584 children!! God is certainly at work in Peru and we are blessed to be able to have a small part in furthering his work.

Robyn Howard-Shriver