Christmas in Peru

Christmas in Peru

1. What was the need?

In Peru, 31% of the population is considered poor with most people in rural cities living in extreme poverty. This leaves many of the people impoverished with few resources and limited support. Empower Dreams conducted four outreaches in small communities throughout Peru. They were designed, through the sharing of the gospel, to provide Christmas festivities for the people who could not otherwise provide for that on their own.

2. Why did we need the funding immediately?

In early December a team from Texas traveled to Cuzco, Peru. The amount of donations given in our short time frame exceeded our expectations.

3. How were we uniquely qualified to meet this need?

Empower Dreams works directly with Richard Ferguson who led the team in Peru. He brought a team of seven students to help with the outreach. We had a capable and prepared team and were able to generously bless the people at each event.

4. What was the outcome of your action?

The abundance of your contributions made Christmas a reality for well over 1,000 people; most of them children. A gospel presentation occurred at each outreach that led to over 350 people to dedicating their lives to the Lord. Our team was able to give over 1,000 gifts to the children of these towns as well as provide hot chocolate and Panettone (traditional Peruvian Christmas bread) to each person.