Eleeo Guest House

Eleeo Guest House

1. What was the need?

Eleeo needed a 40-foot shipping container that was filled to the brim with supplies, shipped from the United States to their location in southern Zambia. They also needed a guest house for visitors.

2. Why was funding needed immediately?

Everything from medical supplies and clothes to household items and power tools were in the container. These were essential to Eleeo’s ministry. Without them they could not begin their outreach in Africa.

3. How was Empower Dreams uniquely qualified to meet this need?

The board of directors for Empower Dreams was able to fund the overhead expenses so that 100% of donations could be used to fully fund this project. Not only did Empower Dreams pay for the shipping of the container, but also left over donations were used to meet even more needs of Eleeo.

4. What was the outcome of your action?

Once the supplies arrived they were sorted and distributed appropriately. The Whitfields and The Roberts were left with a large and empty shipping container so they decided to use additional donations to convert the container into a guesthouse. It now holds enough bunks for up to twelve visitors.