Eleeo Well

Eleeo Well

What was the need?

Eleeo Project has a plot of land that provides agricultural and discipleship training to small-scale subsistence farmers.  In order to fully develop this property, EP needed access to dependable water. There is an existing community well but it was non-functional.  EP needed to repair this well to restore access to clean drinking water.  To reduce the pull on this well, EP also needed to drill a 2nd borehole to provide irrigation for farming projects.

Why was funding needed then?

The planting season had arrived and EP wanted to expand its programs to include gardening to reduce malnutrition amongst vulnerable children in the communities they minister.

How were we uniquely qualified to meet this need?

Empower Dreams has a relationship with EP and continues to help fund many of their projects. We have personally visited them and have seen the fruits of their labor. We support the projects of Eleeo and know they have a positive impact on the people they serve.

What were the benefits and/or outcomes of taking action?

This provided access to clean drinking water to approximately 3,000 Tonga speaking Zambians. EP can now begin their teaching to change the landscape in order to help feed the Tonga families.

On behalf of Eleeo Project and Empower Dreams, we thank you so much for your support.