Fountain of Life Boys Home

In January 2019, Fountain of Life Boys Home, home to  40+ street boys from the streets of Nairobi, lost a significant part of their monthly funding base. Empower Dreams, who has been a friend and supporter of FOL for several years, began to work with the directors of FOL to address this issue by looking for sustainable, continuous sources of income that FOL can own and operate.

One of the first projects was to re-establish the “poultry farm” on the FOL grounds that had been in operation early in 2018, but had been shut down for months. We helped get that back in business, and it will now provide monthly operational money for the home, as well a food for the boys.

The bigger project is the build-out and setup of a day care center on site, which will provide a safe, faith-based environment for preschool children during the day. FOL was able to help with the development of a budget, both for construction and then ongoing operations, and then fund the cost of the construction for the center.

With the Lord’s help, Empower Dreams raised and delivered the $7000 needed for this project. Thanks to our supporters who were faithful! We will provide updates to this project as it progresses.