Hectare Fencing Funded


1. What was the need?

A fence was needed to surround and protect the demonstration plots where maize crops were being produced. This is the land upon which agricultural training and education for the community takes place. The program, based on Foundations for Farming, taught by Eleeo is imperative to their ministry and to the lives of the Tonga farmers.

2. Why was funding needed immediately?

Funding was needed as soon as possible because the second planting season had begun. A fence protects the new crops from being trampled or eaten by roaming cattle, goats, pigs, and other animals during this time.

3. How was Empower Dreams qualified to meet this need?

Empower Dreams visited Eleeo this past August and witnessed the conservation farming training. We understood the importance of this training and education. We knew how to best apply any funding we received.

4. What were the outcomes of taking action?

Training can now continue to the families how produce and provide for their entire family. The demonstration plot is secure and will last many seasons.