House for Mwenda Family

House for Mwenda’s

1. What was the need?

Funds were needed to begin building a house for Pastor Hyrence Mwenda and his family to live in.

2. Why were funds needed immediately?

The agricultural training program that Eleeo offers has been transferred to a new location. Someone was needed who could live on site to protect the grounds and to act as a connection between Eleeo and the community. The new season of training will begin soon and the home needed to be completed by that time.

3. How was Empower Dreams uniquely qualified to meet this need?

Empower Dreams has been a partner of Eleeo for multiple projects. We were able to clearly communicate with them about their needs and how we could meet them quickly. Having visited Eleeo recently we had a first-hand account of the location and needs of this particular project.

4. What were the outcomes of your action?

The house funded and is now being built. This means that the agricultural training can begin on time and continue to educate the locals. All of the needs were met and we thank you for your faithful giving.