1. What was the need?

The terrain of southern Zambia is rough and jagged. The Roberts and the Whitfields of Eleeo were in need of two motorcycles that could easily travel the land.

2. Why was funding needed immediately?

Originally, a large van was being used as Eleeo transportation. It was not an efficient way to travel on short errands. Motorcycles would be able to run the short trips for the ministry quickly and with less hassle than the van.

3. How was Empower Dreams uniquely qualified to meet this need?

Through the donations of many faithful supporters enough money was raised for two motorcycles. The partnership ED has with Eleeo is established and the process was routine.

4. What was the outcome of your action?

The provision of these bikes has made all the difference to how the missionary families of Eleeo transport themselves over the land. Their ministry is now able to run a bit more smoothly and efficiently.