Naomi’s Village Water Project Completed!

Water Project

In June 2013 we visited Naomi’s Village in Kenya to see the impact of your giving. We are thrilled to report that the water project is complete!

1. What was the need?

Originally, the only water source for Naomi’s Village came from a spring-fed line five miles away in the mountains. This water often became dirty and unusable for the growing number of children and staff living at Naomi’s Village. The need arose for a direct source of clean water. Thus, the water project was created.

2. Why was funding needed immediately?

Daily uses of water for Naomi’s Village include showers, flush toilets, dishes, drinking water and more. Clean water was not available for these uses. A close, fresh source of water was an immediate need.

3. How was Empower Dreams uniquely qualified to meet this need?

Funding was possible because of the generosity of all those who gave to make this project a reality and because of those who donate to any of the Empower Dreams projects. We thank you for supporting Naomi’s Village and us.

4. What was the outcome of your action?

Thanks to your faithful giving and prayers Empower Dreams provided a grant that allowed for the building of an underground storage tank to hold the collected rainwater as well as a pump system that takes the water from the storage tank to an elevated tank. The water at Naomi’s Village is now triple-filtered and easily accessed. It is now used for an additional supply of water when the natural source becomes unusable or when the rainy seasons have ended. This water provides essential sanitation and cleanliness to Naomi’s Village. The competition of this project will continue to provide for years to come and will allow Naomi’s Village to open their doors to more children. Thank you for helping to fund the water project.