Property Title In Hand

Property Title

1. What was the need?

A large piece of property needed to be purchased for Vumilia Village. This land will eventually be the location of the new community center.

2. Why was funding needed immediately?

Many people in this village run their businesses out of their crowded homes. There is no central location for the people to use or meet in and this becomes detrimental to their progress towards independence. The sooner the land was purchased the sooner building could begin.

3. How was Empower Dreams uniquely qualified to meet this need?

In August 2013 an Empower Dreams team travelled to Vumilia Village to conduct a survey that would determine the needs of the people. The results of the data collected showed that a need for land for a community center was a priority for the people. Being on location and pin pointing this need is just one of the many ways Empower Dreams was qualified to meet this need.

4. What was the outcome of your action?

The purchase of this land now allows for the building of the community center. This center will eventually be a multi-use facility for various church activities, medical clinics, micro-businesses, and will even include a library. This was the first step of many to help these people become independent and successful.