Resources for Asia

Resources for Asia

This project is one in which sharing specific details is not permitted, as this becomes a hazard to the safety of our partners on the ground in Asia. This by no means lessens the significance of your support.

1. What was the need?

$25,000 was needed for the publishing and printing of resources for training. These resources contain vital content that many of people needed in order to learn and carry out their mission.

2. Why was funding needed now?

This particular training is in its early stages but is growing quickly. The printed resources for the new training were needed as soon as possible in order to keep this project moving.

3. How was Empower Dreams uniquely qualified to meet this pressing need?

We have a long list of projects we have funded in various locations of the world. We have a relationship established with our contact in Asia and we knew how to best meet their needs in a safe and efficient manner.

4. What are the benefits and outcomes of your action?

Donating to this project equipped a new generation being trained for specific leadership positions. Without acting there would have been a lack of needed resources and this would have been detrimental to the project.

We are once again amazed at your support! Thank you.