Solar Lamps for Entire Village

Solar Lamps

Due to an incredibly generous donation, Empower Dreams has been able to purchase solar lamps for an entire village in the greater Maai Maahiu area. An ED team is currently in Africa meeting with this group of people who were abandoned and left with nothing after the 2008 post-election violence in Kenya. Empower Dreams is taking the opportunity to help raise them up by providing for their basic needs, staring with the presentation of these new solar lamps.

These people currently live in tents and have no access to electricity. They depend on daylight to perform day-to-day tasks. These tasks become challenging to complete when night falls. Having these solar lamps will have a large impact on the people of the village.

The solar lamps provide up to 16 hours of bright light and are easily re-charged by the sun. It is waterproof, light, and can perform multiple modes. The people of this village will now be able to read, complete their projects, and see at night when before their tasks were disrupted by the setting of the sun.

We are overjoyed to be helping another village rise from a place of desperate need. We are seeking more opportunities to serve and provide for them. Consider donating to Empower Dreams to be a hand of healing. Thank you for your faithful support!