Third Set of Resources Provided

Third Set of Resources

The work we do with our partner in Asia is important to do and imperative to protect. Sharing specific details is not permitted, as they become a hazard to the safety of our partners on the ground in Asia. We are excited to announce that we have funded the third printing of the resources they need and use to do their work.

1. What was the need?

Funding was needed to pay for the printing of the third set of resources needed by our partners in Asia. The project is growing and these resources are needed in order to continue that pattern.

2. Why was funding needed now?

This project is set up in stages. Each stage requires these printed materials. As each stage is completed, new training resources are needed. We wanted to help our partners continue to grow so we helped equip them for the next stage in the series.

3. How was Empower Dreams uniquely qualified to meet this pressing need?

Empower Dreams has traveled to Asia to see how your funds are helping to shape a nation. The integrity of this project has been proven first hand through our many visits. We have the resources prepared to see this project through.

4. What were the outcomes of taking action?

Donating to this project will now tie together multiple generations as they seek to change a country for the better. New leaders are being taught from these resources as they seek to do God’s will. This project is bringing positive change and it now has room to grow evern further.