Winning Against The Education Crisis in Kenya

The Education Crisis in Kenya

Bob and Julie Mendonsa built Naomi’s Village so they could provide for the needs of the children in the Rift Valley of Kenya. The cycle of poverty has ravaged the surrounding area and the Mendonsa’s know that education is the key to ending it. They wish to build Cornerstone Academy, a school for the young children at Naomi’s Village and that will be a haven for the children in the surrounding IDP camps.

Originally, Empower Dreams helped to provide funds for a 5-acre plot of land. Recently, a 20-acre plot of land was found at a far cheaper rate. The area of this new plot will provide space not only for Cornerstone Academy, but also the building of a future high school and future housing for teachers and missionaries.

1. What was the need?

Empower Dreams originally raised $41,000 for the smaller plot of land. The new plot cost $46,000 more than the money already raised. Graciously, a supporter of Empower Dreams agreed to fund the remaining balance in full.

2. Why was funding needed immediately?

Naomi’s Village needed to move quickly on the purchase of this land so they could begin their building plans. They were patient in waiting for the right spot for what truly will be a cornerstone in the lives of so many. Now that they have it they may begin their work.

3. How was Empower Dreams uniquely qualified to meet this need?

ED has seen the integrity of NV be proved over and over again as we have aided them in several projects over the years. We will fully their support their needs in this project as well. Also, our faithful supporters have always provided in incredible ways and have done so again. Our support system is massive and is bringing positive change to the people of Africa.

4. What were the benefits of taking action?

This is the first hit against the education crisis in Kenya. Entire generations will be affected as the children are educated in fine establishments for many years. The nourishment they receive will pour out into the surrounding community and renew the people in this area, eventually ending the cycle of poverty once and for all. Learn more here.