A Message from Luke Whitfield of Eleeo

Empower Dreams recently had the opportunity to speak with Luke Whitfield of Eleeo Project. His words gave us great insight into what Eleeo hopes to do in the future for their surrounding community. We wanted to share this information with you because you are just as vital to this ministry as we are. We need your help. Eleeo Project is located in Ngangula in Zambia, Africa. A community of over 5,000 rural Tonga villagers lives near to the ministry and receives its aid. Normally, we would provide a list of projects with details on the needed funding. These are in the works but Luke informed us that prices, resource availability, and need could drastically change overnight. We are waiting until we know for sure that we can move forward on a project before releasing an official statement. In the meantime, here is what Luke had to say about what it means to Eleeo to have your help in fulfilling these needs:

“The overall value of the completion of these projects will not only address the physical poverty affecting many of these individuals but it will help to serve the vision of the local tribal leader Chieftainess Mwenda. This lady has a vision to see the Kingdom of God be the foundation through which her people's development comes. 

We feel that Eleeo Project is unique in the sense that we have spend the last three years investing in relationships - building trust and gaining face time with key Tonga individuals. As a result we feel there is a local team of Zambians who not only see the vision of what Eleeo Project is hoping to accomplish but, more importantly, have proved faithful with responsibility and ownership of this vision God has opened before us.”

We cannot disagree. We have seen the fruit of Eleeo’s labor first hand and we feel blessed to be a part of their work. Please like us on Facebook for the latest updates on our partnership with Eleeo. You can also learn more at www.whitfieldwateringhole.blogspot.com OR www.eleeoproject.org