Update on Vumilia Village Projects

Vumilia Village Projects

Here is a list of the many Vumilia Village projects in play.

Greenhouse – The greenhouse in Vumilia Village is currently on its second growing cycle of tomatoes. It has provided large amounts of food to be given to locals and to be taken to market. Plans for providing water to this greenhouse and plans for building more greenhouses are underway.

Jewelry – Currently six women are employed in the jewelry business that was started in the village. Plans to sell this jewelry to a consistent market are being processed. Once that occurs, more women will be able to be employed.

Poultry – This business has downscaled to a minor project. It is being used as a form of community outreach. As the chickens are born and grow they are given to villagers to care for and use.

Goats – There are ten goats presently with four more on the way. The plan is to move each goat out to a local family to tend. Education on best practices for milk production is still transpiring.

Squash – Yellow squash is unknown to the people in this part of Africa so there is no competition in this market. The small amount that has been grown is now being expanded. Once more land is purchased the yellow squash can become a business for locals.

Many of you have donated and as a result many dreams have become realities. Each project is a venture. Your constant faith and donations have brought blessings to these people. They are persevering and are now closer to becoming an independent community. Thank you for all you do for Empower Dreams and our partners.