Any proof that God speaks to people today?


The Empower Dreams partner, Luke Whitfield in Chikankata, Zambia used the best science he had available to determine where to drill a badly needed well on the agricultural training center property, then drilled and got a DRY well.

Had another hydrological survey done, drilled and DRY well.

Now what?

After exhausting science and still needing water, Luke walked and prayed and walked and prayed for days on the training center property.

While walking and praying one day, he felt that God clearly told him to ask a group of small boys walking by where they should drill and the boys in unison all pointed to the same spot that was just outside of the Agricultural Center’s fenced area and never considered.

The next day, Luke was again walking the property and praying, and he felt that God clearly prompted him to ask a group of women walking by where they should drill and in unison, they all pointed to the same spot outside of the fenced area and the same spot the boys pointed to the day before!

After all that incredible and overwhelming unanimous direction, Luke was faithful to gear up and drill there next and ……

The Proof:

After two dry wells, when God provided the specific location, this one in an area never considered produced a massive amount of water!

This testimony of God making himself real and showing himself mighty should encourage all of us that God does speak to us when we are serious about asking and listening.

What a great blessing for the Whitfield’s and the Empower Dreams prayer partners.

He can speak to you too.