Meet Joseph

Then the Lord answered me and said: ‘’ Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it.’’ Habakkuk 2:2 (NKJV) A boy named Joseph melted our hearts. Joseph has overcome many hard times but never gave up on God’s plan for his life. He had a deep desire to become all God made him to be. He started working at the young age herding flock of hundreds of cows, goats, and sheep all by himself. Joseph’s mom passed away and he ran away from home to leave an abusive cycle. He went to live with his grandmother and her home was safe. She had no money for school and barely enough food to eat so Joseph would go many nights without food. However, Joseph never gave up on his vision.


Empower Dreams purchased the land to build Cornerstone Preparatory School to supply hope and a world-class education for the children in Kenya’s famous Rift Valley area and Joseph grandmother’s home sat on the mountain that overlooked the construction of the school. Joseph was determined to chase his dream of an education. We heard of countless stories of how he would leave his flock to run over and talk to people connected to the Cornerstone. First, he ran up to an American mission team member named Amy and said boldly, ‘’ I want to go to THAT school.’’ Just to be noticed, he spent day after day waving down anyone going to the construction site.


We had the privilege to meet and hear Joseph tell his story. The Empower Dream video team spent several days filming his life’s story. As Joseph took a break, he looked up at one of our team member and said, ‘’Auntie, God is good all the time, all the time, all the time God is good. This is his nature…WOW!" Everyone that meets Joseph falls in love with him because you can see Christ’s love in his heart. The crew took him to a nice local cafe for lunch and for the first time in his life, Joseph had pizza and a salad. He wanted to know why we were eating raw vegetables(a salad) so we gave him some salad and we all laughed as he turned up his nose but he ate every bite. As Joseph was leaving the lunch he pulled on the teacher Mary’s arm to say, ”I never thought I would eat in a place like this . It is so beautiful.”


Joseph said, “I was in a bad place and I just had to wait. Where ever you are you should wait for God, wait for His good timing.”

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