A New Church for IDP Village


A New Church

Our partners in the Rift Valley would like to announce that a new church has been built for the Mwi’hangiri IDP camp. When the villagers were asked what they wanted in their community, there was a unanimous shout for a church. Their dream is now a reality.

The people of the community now worship in this church regularly. They have chosen a young man, Peter, from the camp to go to Bible College, after learning he felt called to be a pastor. A small church in Louisiana has agreed to pay for his training in school. Multiple other churches and individuals came together to raise the funds to build the church. These funds also provided benches, a podium, and a gorgeous ceiling to decorate the inside.

The building runs off of solar energy. Because of this, the church can also be used as a community center. It is the only place in the camp that has power. This will allow people to charge their cell phones. This building is a multipurpose center. Anyone in the camp will be able to use it. That is a huge answer to prayer.

God poured about abundant blessings on these people in their time of need. So many others came together to help provide for their brothers and sisters in Christ. We are eager to see what God does next for the people of the Rift Valley. Congratulations to the Mwi’hangiri IDP camp on their new church!

IDP church
IDP church