An Eruption of Joy!


An Eruption of Joy

On Monday afternoon, the Empower Dreams team traveled to an area outside of Maai Maahiu where a group of 24 families, displaced by the post-election violence of 2007, live. This group was completely overlooked when the Government was offering assistance and, as a result, has been residing in poor conditions with no infrastructure for the past 6 years. These people live in tattered and ripped tents that have no electricity or running water. We even saw that one of the resident's tents had completely ripped apart, forcing them to sleep in an outhouse to evade the rain.

These families were discovered by one of our ministry partners, Naomi’s Village. NV was overcome with compassion for these people and wanted to better their dire living conditions. This group has requested a structure that will hold meetings and church services for their small community. NV has started planning to meet this need.

On hearing of the situation, Empower Dreams supporters responded by providing solar lamps and blankets for each family. Our plan was to go to the camp, review their present condition, discuss any current plans, and formulate a long-term plan for assistance. We are all astounded by what these families have to deal with yet are encouraged by how they have bonded together and work against all odds to care for each other.

As the lamps were presented, the entire community yelled out in an eruption of joy and applause. This was followed by a similar reaction when the blankets were revealed. We were blessed to be able to spend time greeting each of the families. We reviewed the site and prayed with the community.

As the ED team left, we reflected on the caring, grateful, and unwavering love these people demonstrated for one another and for those trying to assist them. We are committed to raising these people up and to showing them God’s love in every way possible. Thank you for supporting us in our efforts. This domino effect of blessings is changing lives.